Making a pattern is easy and quick for your new custom table pads!

You can make a table pad pattern of your table in less than 5 minutes. Call us for a free pattern paper and order form. All you need is a pencil and a measuring tape.

Here are a few hints to ease the process!

  • Align your pattern paper up with the split in the table.
  • Smooth out any wrinkles in the paper
  • Secure your paper with heavy books or other heavy objects to stop it from sliding.
  • Trace the edge of the table by rubbing the side of the pencil against the paper.
  • Do NOT include the beveled or sloped edges.

Measure Your Table

Tricks to measure Drop Leaf Tables

Measure Each Section Separately

  • No Pattern Required on Round, Rectangular or Square
    Standard Drop Leaf Table
  • Pattern Required on Rounded Drops and Center
    Round Drop Leaf Table

Corner Patterns

Trace the table corner on paper with the side of the pencil. Corner patterns are used with your table measurements. Mark the side and end of each table. Be sure and correctly create a pattern on a beveled edge, marking the side and edge of the table.. See the two examples below for correct pattern alignment.

Measuring a Beveled Edge Table      Measure a round edge table

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