Additional Table Pad Information


Easy to Understand Pricing

Austin Custom Table Pads gives you straight-forward pricing. We charge one price for any normal size custom table pad set and one price for each leaf table pad. You know exactly what you are paying. (Our pricing covers 95 percent of dining room tables. Please call us for a price quote for conference tables and extra large tables -  tables that exceed 54" round or exceed either 48" wide or 78" long.)

Honest Prices

Be on guard against misleading ads that advertise $39 per piece or $39 per pad. These prices only cover 1/2 of your dining table! You need two table pad pieces to cover a dining room table. These are ads for cheaper, usually thinner, table pads with limited or odd color selection. Austin Custom Table Pads sells only our best 1/2 inch table pads at fair and honest prices.

Order by Measurements or Table Manufacturer's Name and Table Number

For tables that are round, square or rectangular with square corners you can order by giving us the width and length of your table plus the leaf size if your table has extension leaves.

Dining table manufacturers assign a unique table number to each table that they manufacture and they produce that table with the same dimensions as long as they continue to manufacture that table. Austin Custom Table Pads has a computer file of thousands of "Master Patterns". If you know your table manufacturer name and table number, call us at 1 (800) 570-5432 and our table pad experts will verify that we have a Master Pattern of your table.

Please be aware that the catalog sizes listed for tables can not be used for making table pads. Catalog sizes are the maximum sizes of the table and they are often rounded up to the nearest inch. Catalog sizes include sloping edges whereas table pads fit the flat surface of the table excluding sloping edges.

Heat Protection Claims

Our 1/2 inch thick table pads protect as well or better than any other table pads in the industry. (All table pads manufacturers use vinyl, suede, and coreboard/felt to make table pads.) At Austin, we do not place any "degree protection number" as others do who claim 550 degrees protection (or sometimes even higher). We believe that these claims are completely unsubstantiated and without any scientific basis. You can not state a temperature number without knowing the time duration of exposure. In our opinion, these claims are not true and completely "made up of whole cloth". They also don't tell you that the vinyl top will melt at about 250  F.


Our table pads are made so that you can use your pads whether you use your table only or whether you use one or two extension leaves with your table. The main table pad is made in two pieces - one piece for each half of your table plus one piece for each extension leaf. A table with two leaves would be made in four pieces. Each table pad piece folds in half for storage. The maximum size of a table pad piece is 48 inches wide (and folds in half) by 40 inches long. This means that the maximum size of a two piece table pad set is 48 inches wide by 80 inches long. Tables over 80 inches long are made in 3 or 4 table pad pieces. That is why there is an extra charge for tables over 80 inches long. Table pads over 54 inches round also require special construction and require an additional charge.

Extra Large Tables - "Oversize"

As we indicated, 95 percent of dining room tables fit within the 54 inches round or 48 inches by 78 inches table size limits. (Note that sizes apply to the table only and extension leaves are NOT included in these size limitations.) Please call us for these oversize tables. As a general rule, tables from 55" to 64" round and tables from 78" to 90" long have an additional cost of $30. Tables from 64" to 75" round and tables from 90" to 100" long have an additional cost of $60.

Lifetime  Warranty

Our Lifetime Limited Warranty covers any quality defects in material or workmanship. Normal wear and tear are excluded as are commercial use and damage by natural, animal or human actions. This is warranty applies only to the original purchaser and it is not transferable. Our warranty gives you certain legal rights which do vary from state to state.

Protect Your Table: Order Now!

Order your custom dining table pads now before your fine table is damaged. Protect your table from the "four bad guys" that harm fine tables: dents, heat, scratches and spills.



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